22 September 2009

Did I come here to go to school?

Well, I don't have too too much to tell in this post. Lately what has been going on in school logistics which are NOT FUN.

Kim's GRRRR moment: Ok, I want to rant but I don't want to do it for a whole post. It seems like everything with french universities is just so unorganized. Like they want everything to go well, but oh, I'm not going to put in any effort to make it go well! I'm just going to run things all willy nilly and just HOPE that things turn out like they're supposed to! Won't that be fun?!
But actually it's the opposite of fun, and what it means for me is that there are courses without descriptions or schedules or professors. It also means that I'm not sure what to take to get credit for my major. It also means that I don't know where to go to take the class. It also means that I get really frustrated!! The good thing for me though is that the classes that I'm looking at don't start till monday the 28th or even monday oct 5! So I have some time to figure things out!! *sigh of relief!*

We went this past friday to Monet's gardens in Giverny which was absolutely AMAZING!! The weather was perfect (as it has been my entire time here), and everything was still in bloom. I have a picture album full of all the flowers on facebook if you want to take a look! I was awed at the beauty of the gardens as well as the fact that Monet designed and kept them up himself! He had the help of a handful of gardeners, but he designed everything, including the irrigation system for the pond, himself! Everything was beautiful, from the waterlilies in the pond, to the morning glories that were abundant around Monet's house. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside of the house, but every room was so colorful. The kitchen was all blue-- like everything from the tiles on the wall to the counters. The dining room was yellow. The entrance hall, green. They were all these vivid colors that were so ahead of their time! It was a wonderful excursion to go see Monet's gardens. I'm glad I got to experience something so incredibly beautiful.

Thank you everyone for your feedback on my blog! It makes me feel very comforted to know y'all are out there and reading!! I miss you guys; thank you for continuing to care for me.

I will give an update on classes soon! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


  1. I LOVED all your pictures of Monet's garden at Giverny! Please send me the first one as an email attachment so I can put it in iphoto and print it!
    Also - you're so descriptive in telling us what Monet's house looks like, that I could picture it...great writing!

  2. fingers crossed for you, sounds like your working hard. Tom Payne

  3. Good luck Kim! I hope things are going smoother now with the whole school situation! That had to have been frustrating :(

    The pictures from Monet's house are pretty; thank you for sharing!
    Love you!