28 August 2009

Leaving for Paris in ONE WEEK!

Hello all, I have yet to leave the United States, but I'm just trying to get this blog up and running first!
Today was quite hectic. I called Northwest Airlines this morning to inquire about fees for checked baggage, and instead of answering my simple question, they told me that my FLIGHT had been CANCELED. Not only had it been canceled, it had been dropped MONTHS ago without any notification to me!! FUN MORNING. ... so, long story short, after many very tense phone calls, I am now on a similarly timed flight that stops in Amsterdam instead of the layover I was supposed to have in Minneapolis. It may get me to Paris a little later than I had expected, but at least it'll get me there!

I'm in the midst of packing right now... who knows what to take when you're going to be gone a whole year?! ... it's just craziness. But I think I've whittled it down to just about everything essential. Now I've just got the last minute stuff to do-- change some money into euros, make sure everything is set with my bank account, last minute visits with friends, and, of course, soaking up as much of Texas as I possibly can!

Anyway, I hope this blog works out well. I would love for y'all to keep in touch whether via the blog, facebook, or email. :) You know I will miss you.

Well, a bientôt mes amis!